G.O’s Profile


Prophet Moses Orogojimo was born on the 29th of September in the 70’s to the family of Chief and Mrs. Orogojimo of Igbara-Odo in Ekiti State, Nigeria. He had his primary school education at United Primary School, Ikoto, IjebuOde; and proceeded to Igbara-Odo Community High School for his Secondary School education. Today, Prophet Moses Orogojimo is a graduate of History and International Relation from Lagos State University (LASU).

On the 16th day of April, 1993, the young Orogojimo was in his father’s house at Igbara-Odo, suffering from the pains of a chronic finger disease which had defiled all treatments, when an old man dressed in white attire came to him and said that he had been chosen to be a prophet from the womb and the time had come to start fulfilling his God-sent assignment. The old man led him out, and named him Moses. He asked him to go and join the crusade going on in the neighborhood during which he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He therefore became a born again Christian at New Life Evangelical Church and first person to become a Christian in his family history.

Seventy-two hours after his conversion, He heard the voice of God in his ear saying “I am the Lord of host, I give you power and authority over all things”.

As a new convert, Prophet Moses Orogojimo worked tirelessly in various departments at the Word Bible Church under the leadership of Prophet J.B. Kumoluyi, and he won many souls for Christ. In 1995, he had an encounter with the Lord to go forth and start a ministry. Though, not willing to leave his G.O, he reluctantly yielded to the call after much persuasion, confirmation and prayer by his G.O.

Thereafter, he started a prayer group at Kefu, Lagos State, through which God used him to find solutions to the problems of thousands of people. During this period he received divine instruction to go on two years non-stop, continuous fasting and vigil prayers which he did by the grace of God. Few years later, the prayer group metamorphosed into a church known as Divine Call Power Ministry. Today the church has over five thousand members in Nigeria and overseas.

Prophet Moses Orogojimo is man who believes in the integrity of the word of God and undiluted prayer as a means of destiny fulfillment. He is a man easily touched by the feeling of the suffering people and thus has become a man of prayer. He spends hours on his knees praying for the flock over which God has made him the overseer. His long hours of prayer and fasting have brought forth uncommon testimonies that have beaten the imagination of the learned.

Prophet Moses Orogojimo has authored four books in English and translated to Yoruba language. He is an international speaker who has gone far and wide for the spread of the gospel. In recognition of the grace of God upon him, Prophet Moses Orogojimo has received several awards nationally and internationally. Some of these include 2015 distinguished leadership award of the United Nations, Ambassador of Christ Leadership Merit Award by International Christian Mission of Ghana.