My name is Arogundade Dare, the devil afflicted me with Hernia for 25 years. Those years were of pains and sorrows. When the pains start, it looks as if the world should come to an end. Doing difficult work was a challenge for me, because when I tried it, the swollen will increase. A friend of mine had the same problem and he told me he was going for the operation because the pain is unbearable, I couldn’t afford the bill.
I went to meet my daddy (Prophet Moses Orogojimo) in the office on a particular day when I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I pulled my trousers and showed him. He said “What is this? He said “Hernia under my roof” and he commanded it to go and give me anointing oil. That was how Hernia disappeared. Today I can do things I couldn’t do in the past.
I return to give glory to the God of this commission