My name is Mrs. Grace Idowu. I was afflicted with chronic diabetes for 2 years. I can never forget those years in a jiffy because I saw hell. I went to Ifako Ijaye General Hospital Lagos, Nigeria, did some tests and was given some drugs. After taking the drugs for awhile and saw there was no changes that time, I can urinate more than 8 times in the night, like 5 liters to be precise and it became a serious challenge for me. On a particular day, my daughter was on her way to church and said I can as well follow her and I did. It was a night programme, so I was placed on the prayer line. During deliverance session, I was prayed for. I got healing water and anointing oil for my use. I thank God because I was healed in the course of the service and ever since then. No traces of diabetes.