My name is Adeleye Samuel. I am 15 years old from Akure branch. God healed me of partial paralysis. It started with severe back and chest ache. I began to stretch my body became stiff. My waist was lifeless like someone having strokes I am always weak and dizzy my breathing became abnormal.
My mother took me to the hospital and after series of test (blood test , urine test and x – ray),nothing was diagnosed and was treated for malaria. The doctor felt I was pretending and advised that I should be taken home. At this point, I couldn’t walk by myself. Taking public transport was a big stress for me because I was in serious pain. I began to use herbs when hope was lost in medication.
As soon as the prophet saw me, he said I have been tied and I have few days to live but said, the healing power of God is available to heal me