My step son’s name is Opeyemi, he is six years old, and he was born impotent. He has not felt any erection since he was born. My mother in-law brought him to Lagos to stay with us that was when we noticed it. We brought him to church for May 2016 Healing Night and put him on prayer line. To be sure of the boy’s situation, a pastor had to check him. When it was time to attend to those on prayer line, the spirit of God ordered the man of God, Prophet Moses Orogojimo to tap his back thrice, which he did, before 12 hours he began to have erection. This is the second day after he was prayed for and to the glory of God; impotency vanished in the life of Opeyemi. I return to thank God of this commission who is always doing what no man can do. Praise the Lord.