Damilare fell down from the staircase when he was two years old, he was injured from that moment and couldn’t hear or speak for good 8 years. I took him to the hospital, did lots of medical test all to no avail. I started taking him to different places, spent all my last money on him. During those period, I was also down with illness of tuberculosis

All my hope were dashed because there was no way I could get money to feed and take care of myself and children. I resolved to seeking for assistance from people, it was in this course that my children met a lady nurse whom God used for me and also brought us to the church. I registered through the healing line for prayers and healing and on that day, when the man of God ministered to my son, he asked me the place I gave birth to him and I told him it was in a midwife’s place. The man of God said his destiny had been exchanged, I was so sad, and I started crying.

The Man of God finished praying for others on the healing line and only my son was left. All I heard him say to my son was “BE HEALED”. Three days later, I was cooking when my son said “MAMI MA JEUN’’,I taught I didn’t hear him well he repeated the same, then I knew my son had truly been healed. God also use the prophet for me and my family by given me money for the upkeep of my children and he also provided my children with new wears to change their look
God also healed me of my ailment too. I give all glory to God for his mercies and favor over me and my children.

__Mrs Oyinlade