In year 2011, I was advised by my husband to quit my job, as a sergeant in the Nigeria police force. I never tender any resignation letter or give any notice to the office. But the law on ground is after 21days there will be a dismissal. After three months my husband left me with the pregnancy I was caring, he took away our wedding cert., land receipt. I went to the administrative office after three months to make an appeal to my dismissal but I was told my file couldn’t be found. I went back in 2013, 2014 and I was told my file was marked.

I went to Abuja to make an appeal to my dismissal that I submitted. Then last year September (2017), someone called me from Ijaye Ojokoro Divisional Police Stations that there is a signal concerning my appeal that it had been sent since 2016. I re-appealed again and met an old officer whom I knew; he introduced me to inspector Titi. I told her my situation and she ordered the officers to check through all the files and my file was found from where it was hidden.

She told me not to give up, introduced me to her pastor. I spoke to the prophet through voice call and I was told to come the following week. I met with the man of God, explained everything to him and he told me to pray and fast for 3days, give money to an old person. I was called at the Lagos State Police Command Ikeja and was given my documents and was told to go to Police Force Headquarters Abuja. I took it firstly to the prophet, he prayed on the documents and I went straight to Abuja, submitted it and was given a copy that it was received. On my way coming down from the police force building, I met an officer who greeted me and asked me what I wanted, I explained to him, and he took me straight to the D.I.G. office, introduced me to his orderly to take up my case and do everything in his capacity to help me. A memo was written, taken to the commissioner of police and it was minute to the Director General of police. After 3 weeks, re-in-statement letter signal came up and I was congratulated, directed to the kits store and given everything. The original copy of my re-in-statement letter was brought to Lagos by the authority .I went to the Commissioner of office, was told they didn’t see any file, a call was made and it was sent. I went to the pastor, he prayed for me and told me to go on a two days fasting that the documents was kept by someone. A month later, signal came and it was sent to Abuja for verification. Two weeks later, the Commissioner sent for the minute and the signal also called for re-in-statement.

To God be the glory I was called to the police force to resume on the 15th of February 2018 so, am resuming officially on the 19th of February 2018. I give all glory to God almighty.

Ajileye Oluwabunmi
Idiroko, Ogun State.